Hi!!  This story was written by my dad, a total non-dog person if I ever met one.  I feel honored that he took the time to create, write, and mail me this story.  Hang in there and read to the end… it’s pretty cute!                                                                              …Judy.




I had just purchased the company I knew little about.  Since I had nothing scheduled for this Saturday I decided to take the time to familiarize myself with its rich old history.  I donned my grubby work clothes and descended into the dusty basement where they kept their old files.

When I opened the door to the file room, I saw the room was lit by a single bulb; a clear bulb with large coiled filaments, but not much light. It gave off a dim glow.  Fortunately I had a battery powered lantern with me.  I took a deep breath, had a bit of a coughing fit from all the dust, then set out to dive into the endless sea of old files.

I had only really begun to scan these old files when I noticed that more than half the morning was gone already.  One file had stood out all morning and kept catching my eye.  There was nothing special about it except for the title scrawled on the tab… “DDB”.  That was all it said, but it sparked my curiosity.  Finally I pulled it out of the old wooden file cabinet to look at it more closely.

The file was thick with many single sheets of yellowing paper of various sizes.  They looked like old telegram messages, letters, diagrams, and financial papers.  What in the world??

Since it was about time I stopped for lunch. I took the file to my new office for further investigation.  The rest of the massive files would have to wait for another time. With a ham and cheese sandwich in one hand, a nice cold drink at the ready, I opened the file with the other and took out the first sheet of slightly yellowed paper.  It was indeed a series of telegram messages…