Welcome to Our Site!!                                                         

LNL Bordeaux is run by Sean and Judy Cantrell.           

Just a little side note… I am trying to update the site as I get time available.  Please bear with me if it seems some pages are empty or not completed.  It has been a long time since I was able to update… there are a LOT of pictures and info to go through!!                          

Sean has been in the breed since 1999 in some capacity or another; whether it was owning, showing, or breeding them. He got his first dogue after following breeders on the show circuit for over a year.  He is extremely passionate about this breed and loves them with his whole being.  Living in Northern California, there were not many Dogues de Bordeaux around, but California was a wonderful place for raising these guys.

Judy married into the breed. She moved from Delaware to California to be with Sean in 2009.  When they first met in 2008, Sean already had 2 DDBs.  It was the best instant family she could have asked for.  Together their love for the Bordeaux flourished. They carefully picked and chose new “kids” to add to their family.

When Kirby joined their family, Judy thought it would be fun to learn to show him. It was something she had wanted to do for many years and now had the perfect opportunity.  She has been an owner/handler since 2011.  Along the way, she met many amazing dogues and people including breeders, pet owners and admirers of the breed.  Kirby was just the beginning.  Many others joined him.  It has been an exciting journey ever since.

In 2014, they moved from California to Delaware. Driving cross-country with a pack of five dogues was a truly adventurous trip!! (Thank you, Bill. They couldn’t have done it without you!!)

At this point in their journey together, they decided to try breeding these big loves.  Thankfully Sean had bred this breed before.  His love of the breed and his dedication to the betterment of the breed made him an easy and willing mentor for Judy.  Together they researched and learned how to choose the best mates and the best ways to care and train the young puppies.

LNL is a small hobbyist kennel. They produce occasional litters. They are not in the business of making more dogues!  They care about upholding the breed standards that have been set, as well as improving the overall health and longevity.  They have high standards for themselves and high expectations.  They want people to be happy with their LNL puppy. Whether it is a pet or show potential dogue, it will be of excellent quality.

The name LNL Bordeaux stands for Love and Laughter (Love ‘N Laughter).  DDBs are humble clowns.  With their silly antics, funny expressions, or just the situations they get themselves into, they will surely make you laugh every day and every day they will give you all their love.  They are the sweetest dogs on this planet.  

Life with a Bordeaux… it is a life truly packed with love and laughter.