Reg Name: LNL’s By George, I Think She’s Got “IT”  

Sire:  ChateauRouge Valentin  (Beau)
Dam:   Cymrygold Nessa   (Nessa)
Whelped:  September 3, 2019

Call Name:   ELIZA

This little girl has surprised all of us.  We are so incredibly glad we decided to keep her.  Sean had picked her out as the pick pup within days of being born.  She has the look, the structure, the personality and the spark needed to be a champion.  Unfortunately she did not have the timing since Covid hit right at the start of her show career.  For the shows she has done, she has done very well.  She earned her Puppy Achievement Award and got a Puppy Group 1 and, thanks to my good friend Paula, a Puppy Group 2 placement.


Pedigree of ” Eliza “

Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents
ChateauRouge’s Valentin   Northland’s Argo Udson de L’Etang de Mirloup
Northland’s Molly
ChateauRouge’s Ooo La La RozeldogueMission Man At Cymrygold
ChateauRouge’s Andora’s Spell
Cymrygold Nessa   Brocorshay Bruno via Cymrygold Damkartre’s Chaos
Cymrygold Venus At Brocorshay
Cymrygold Cilla Piechottka Black Jack with Cymrygold
Holgaryn Roman Aurora with Cymrygold