Bruin’s Talk Is Cheap

Sire:  Chenati Hani Hope Boogiloo De Flores

Dam:  Bruin´s Katniss

Whelped:  November 29, 2013

Call Name:  Gabby


Gabby is a Southern California girl. She comes to us from the world renowned Bruin’s Bordeaux. Her pedigree is chock full of well-known Bordeaux names.  It is no accident she is as beautiful as she is.

She got her name because she continually cried and barked and whined for the entire seven hour car trip home from picking her up. She was quiet and would rock to sleep whenever I stopped, but woke up instantly and began her “talking” as soon as the crate door closed.  It was a long ride home…

She is a real love! Just give her the chance and she will give you the biggest hug you’ve ever had!  If you let her, she will also give you a complete facial cleansing free of charge as long as you let her hug you.  I just hope you are not claustrophobic from her soft warm muzzle.

She is very playful and always joins in on a game of chase & tackle. She may not always win, but she never loses!  Her clowning antics make her one of the funniest dogues we have.  She is extremely smart.  She loves to ride in the car, but feels she should be driving.  She will be pack boss one day.

Thank you, Chesea Conway, for trusting us to care for one of your babies with a who’s who pedigree of the Bordeaux world.


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Pedigree of “Bruin’s Talk Is Cheap “

Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents

Chenati Hani Hope Boogiloo De Flores


 Bakervill´s Style Viski  Temple Felson
 Brandoux Calaix
 Tsevelina Star Alisia  Bergerak
 Zvezdny lev Aleksandrina

Bruin´s Katniss


 Bruin´s Baby Bronson  Chenati Hani Hope Boogiloo De Flores
 Bruin’s The Uxy Truth
 Bruin´s Kiss This  Moby de Legeane
 Uxy Pugsy De La Tour Gelee