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  1. Heyyy guys your website is absolutely wonderful! I love the in depth and personal write ups of each dogue and I of course adore the photos! Keep up the awesome work guys! ❤

  2. It was a pleasure meeting you at the National Dog Show! I loved seeing all the pics on your site… thanks for sharing

  3. I just read your website , I’m impressed with your mission statement. We have a bordeaux , Timber is 7 now ,we purchased him from Spartans kennel in Brown valley Ca ,they have since gone out of business . My husband and I are retire we live in santa cruz ca , a couple blocks from the beach .We love the bordeaux breed, Timber is the best , he love to walk on the beach , he is a people dog, My husband and I have just started talking about he another Bordeaux, I only saw 1 puppy that had the darker face , we are looking for a puppy with a darker face. we really like the idea that you are living in northern California because if we decide to get another Bordeaux we would want to come and see the kennel and the puppies , we would want a companion Bordeaux . We think your dogs are beautiful ,and it looks like they have won many awards Christina Leffler

  4. I just wanted to give a shout out to Judy and Sean! We had decided to add another DDB to our home, the only problem was our breeder was no longer breeding. The research started and it took us many months to decide on the perfect breeder. The biggest issue is that there are so many unscrupulous breeders that only care about the money. It was so important to find a breeder who breeds for not only looks but for health and temperament. Judy and Sean are fabulous to work with and care about the breed standards. Our Jude is turning a year old in about a week and I can tell you that we are in love with this handsome red marshmallow!!! I can also tell you he is just a gorgeous representation of the breed. The thing that really stood apart for us is the health testing and far too many breeders don’t. Also, the puppies grow up in the bedroom, not in a backyard, garage, or basement which I believe makes it more likely for your pup to wind up shy or aggressive. We met both of the parents and even got a hug from momma Gabby! I really could go on and on about LnL Bordeaux. If anyone has any questions please just ask Judy for our number. We would love to share our experience! I’ll end this, with thanking Judy and Sean, for trusting us to care for one of your special babies! I should also warn you that the Bordeaux is the potato chip of the dog world. You can’t just have one. Love, Adrianne and Jeff Stevens

  5. If you come across this website I’m sure you have searched others this is absolutely beautiful Sean and Judith have done an excellent job representing the Dogue de Bordeaux breed I just wanted to thank you both for your time and knowledge an absolute dedication it was an absolute pleasure to meet both of you and to see your commitment with your DD B’s I agree with the previous post you can’t have just one

  6. I have known Judy and Sean for several years – I had contacted her after my DDB passed but was unable to get a puppy at the time. When I met them I had a warm comfortable feeling that they were the ones! And within a few years of keeping in touch I was able to get one of their puppies. I cannot say enough about them and how helpful and educated they are on the breed……and how patient they were and have been with all my questions. I love my girl Piper formerly known as Bobbie. She is gorgeous, healthy and her temperment is fabulous! Thank you Sean & Judy for making my dreams come true!!!!

  7. We met you in Rehoboth this past weekend and loved seeing your beautiful dogs.
    Just checking out your website and smiling over these photos!

  8. My wife and I recently lost our male DDB. As anyone who has been through it can tell you, it is devastating. He was too young to leave us.
    Although we knew that we were not ready we reached out to LnL. The mission spoke to our values. We knew that ‘one day’ we would be ready for another of this awesome breed. Judy was very kind, understanding and patient.
    We spent several months without our boy. We looked at LnL’s site again. They had had a litter but all pups were spoken for, that made it easy for us! Christmas came and went. We looked again, and they had a beautiful girl whose adoption had fallen through. Contacting Judy, we agreed to proceed.
    We spent the first part of our New Years Day with Judy and Sean. They are thorough in screening where their babies will find a permanent home.
    Suffice to say, we have had our lovely girl for not yet two months. She is awesome and so are LnL, Judy and Sean. It was a very good experience. They remain a resource. If the opportunity arises again, we are heading back to Delaware!
    Thanks guys, peace.

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