Occasionally we have adult DDBs available to the right home.  It is extremely hard to part with a dog you have lived with for years.  Even though it is hard on us, we have to do what is best for the dog.  Keeping that in mind, you must know that we can only let them go to just the right home!

If you are ready for a DDB to join your family but your lifestyle is not accommodating to the total commitment and time restraints of raising a puppy, this may be the best option for you.  Adults are potty trained, crate trained, and usually basic obedience trained.  Their bladders can be held for more than 2 hours at a time giving you a longer window between potty breaks!  They give just as much love as any DDB puppy will!

Dogs we rehome may be due to unforeseen changes in the owners lives.  Our dogs do not go to a shelter in cases like this – they come back here to us.

Sometimes a dog may be rehomed  because they did not grow up to be as close to the breed standard as needed for breeding.  Since we do this to try to better the breed, it would not make sense to breed a dog that does not quite meet the requirements of standard.  Unfortunately there is no crystal ball to show you exactly how they will mature ahead of time.

Sometimes they are the females we have bred but are done their breeding career with us and are perfect to join another family. We breed a female no more than 3 times.  After her third litter, she becomes available to a family to be their adored pet!

A friend recently described it perfectly to me…  Think of an orphanage with 100 kids. All those kids are cared for, basic needs met, and socialized.  Now a family comes and adopts one of those kids.  That child will get individual attention, individual love, and will become “the one”, not “one of many”.  It is much better for that child.  That is the same way we feel about our dogs.  They can stay here and live out the rest of their lives being cared for, loved, and socialized as one of the many, BUT if they have the chance to be “the one”… Even though it is heart-wrenching to see them go, it is much better for that dog.  It IS all about the dog!

We have had most all of our DDBs since they were 8 weeks old, or from birth.  We can tell you their history, personality and what family setup they would be best suited for.

If you feel you may be better suited for an adult instead of a time-consuming puppy, please contact us and let us know what you are looking for.  We will keep you on the list for our adults and contact you as one becomes available!