Reg Name:  LNL’s Lucky Roll of the Dice
Sire:  Maximus de Legeane
Dam:  Cymrygold Nessa
Whelped:  March 22, 2021

Call Name:  Seven

When this litter was born, they were all so very dark.  Even though the shade of “red” doesn’t matter as far as the standard is concerned, a darker color is desired by most DDB enthusiasts.  When we showed the puppy picture to Alison, Nessa’s breeder (the puppies human grandmother sorta), she said, “Are they really that dark?  You hit the jackpot on that litter!”  That inspired the names for the two girls we kept from the litter.

This girl is LNL’s Lucky Roll of the Dice.  She is called Seven.

Doesn’t always answer to it… but that is what she is called!

Pedigree of “LNL’s Lucky Roll of the Dice”

Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents
Maximus de Legeane Kobus de Legeane Temple Felson
Rubra de Legeane
Chien Douceur Legeand Metzima Benhur Delle Querce Rosse
Tetue de Legeane
Cymrygold Nessa Brocorshay Bruno via Cymrygold Damkartre’s Chaos
Cymrygold Venus at Brocorshay
Cymrygold Cilla Piechottka Black Jack with Cymrygold
Holgaryn Roman Aurora with Cymrygold